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1. Pray for Bro. P. A. Unni (Kasargod).He was admitted to Medical College Hospital, Pariyaram, Kannur on May 3, 2024 due to a severe Heart Attack. An Angiogram was taken which showed that he has 3 blocks of 90 % each. He underwent surgery on May 9,2024. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

2. Pray for Sis. Rosamma (Member of Brethren Assembly, Vengoor). Sister is suffering from Brain Tumour. She had undergone her surgery on April 10, 2024. Later she had memory loss and vomiting. Doctors found that she had bleeding in the brain and they started treatment for the same. Please continue to pray for Sis. Rosamma for a speedy and complete recovery.

3. Let's pray together for the climatic changes happening in Kerala other states.

4. Pray for all children appearing for exams for higher studies.

In Christ's Service,

Mission Sagacity


This group is for registered volunteers of mission sagacity....
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