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The life of missionary V Nagal, who has contributed very many blessed songs to the Christian realm was adorned with numerous inspiring experiences.

The song 'samayamam radhathil' is an ever-lingering melody to all the Malayalam Christians out there. The creative genius behind this masterpiece was none other than V Nagal who came into India from Germany with the missions of gospel. Let us surf through this honorable man's experience of salvation who later led many lives into the glorious state of being saved.

In 1867 November 3, V Nagal was born as the second son to Henry Peter and Elizabeth Mary in Stahim, Hessen. From the accounts of history, we came to know that his parents were weavers. V.Nagal's childhood was not noted with any particular specialities.

Unfortunately a tragic experience was faced by Nagal as he lost his parents at the age of 8. He was then adopted by a family who belong to the Lutheran church. They trained Nagal to vigourously participate in the activities of the church. His growth was then stimulated by the qualities of love, compassion and large heartedness.

Nagal's Life took a different turn when he met a travel evangelist who came into the Hessen city in 1885. Nagal was only 18 years old then.

No one knows where he was from and who he is. It is said that he was a cobbler. The conversation with this evangelist really influenced Nagal who hasn't had an experience of salvation. Nagal became aware of the realisation that he was not redeemed, even though he was an active participant of all the church activities and the one who led a good life of testimony. However, that young man accepted the Lord as his personal saviour and achieved forgiveness of his sins through the poor evangelist. It is from that moment Nagal possessed Jesus Christ personally. He experienced the relief of being cleansed from sin. Later, Nagal himself talked about this particular experience, by moving his pen in this manner:

'T is done, the great transaction done,

I am my Lord's, and He is mine:

He drew me, and I followed on,

Charmed to confess the voice divine'

The tireless efforts of this God servant in preaching the word of the Lord as much as he could culminated in the blossom of yet another great missionary named V. Nagal. Nagal then came in to the Hindu land with gospel and delivered many lives from the eternal punishment of sin. The reminiscing of this particular instance always stood as a matter worthy to praise God.


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