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Our Mission

With the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic, people all over the world are sitting in their homes, making it impossible for anyone to get out. Evangelism ceased, and places of worship were closed. It was in those days that some of us

young people wondered how we could preach the gospel and share God's Word with the help of modern technology. That's how the journey of Mission Sagacity started. 

Mission Sagacity is not charity, trust or church. Mission Sagacity is only an IT Firm which is using new technology.  We do not accept any kind of funds(financial Support),Gifts etc. for this platform. We only require your valuable prayers, Spiritual Guidance and of course  your participation. 

We are only extending our support to share the word of Lord Jesus Christ using technology. 

May God's name be glorified.

Mission Sagacity


Key People

By the grace of God





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