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Missionary story

*George Muller's life- A Glowing example for 'Prayer could Move Mountains'*

The life of missionary George Muller is amazing as it sounds. The boy who was a thief, liar and drunkard was transformed by the Lord who is worth to be discussed until now.George Mullar's life is seen as a demonstration of what could be accomplished through prayer and trust in God. He always liked to be preferred as a servant of God.

We can delve into the life journey of this great missionary.

George Muller was born on 27th of September, 1805 in Germany. From a very young age, he started stealing and involved in drinking and gambling. His mother passed away when he was 14. In 1825, Muller rolled at Halle University and studied Theology. He was invited to a home Bible study. Following this, God gave him a revelation about God's Love from John 3:16. In 1826, he decided to become a missionary.

He went to Bristol in England after finishing his education from a Bible School. Met Mary and they got married. During those times, many orphan children lived in the streets of Bristol. Out of their deep starvation, they often stole and grabbed food items from others. They spent their nights in the cold weather without receiving any mercy.Muller saw the children and encircled with a great desire in his heart, to build an orphanage for them. He said so: "without considering these children's past lives, I would accept them and protect them". He relied more on God and decided not to beg before any human for the smooth functioning of the Orphan home. Because he strongly believed if this is God's work, He would definitely provide. There were many incidents where God miraculously provided for the needs of the orphanage. One goes like this... On one fine morning, they ran out of food, nothing to feed the children. But the prayer warrior did not become anxious. He bowed before God and praise him: 'Abba Father... thank you for providing me and my children with food'. Even though there is nothing to quench their hunger, Muller continued his prayer in this manner. The children, without knowing the scarcity of food lined up for their breakfast. As Muller continuing in his prayer, suddenly a knock heard at the door. And yes! there is a miracle. That was a bakery owner who came with a heavy package of bread and milk for the children. God answered his prayer amazingly. The list of such instances were many.

God worked on his heart to build more orphanages. Even in the midst of severe financial problems, he kneeled before God and believed strongly that He will provide. His prayers and beliefs come true and he managed to provide shelter for about thousands of children.

The life of George Muller always stands as an inspiration for us to move on with prayer and faith, without considering the challenges, trials and tribulations we are going through in our journey.


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