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★ *Lessons from Nehemiah's PRAYER LIFE*

_(Scripture portion: Nehemiah chapters 1, 2, 5 and 6)_

There are many valuable lessons we can learn from Nehemiah's prayer life.

★ *Prioritise*

Nehemiah prioritised prayer, even amidst his responsibilities as the cupbearer to the King. When he heard of the distress of the Jewish remnant and the state of Jerusalem's wall and gates , he committed to days of fasting and constant prayer (1:3). We read that he prayed day and night (1:6). We can find a similar dedication to prayer in the life of Daniel.

Though our daily lives may be busy, let us ensure that we allocate time for spiritual matters, prayer, and studying God's Word.

★ *Praise God*

Nehemiah's prayers were filled with praise and gratitude for God's greatness and His deeds. He referred to God as the "God of heaven" and acknowledged His awesomeness (1:5).

Our prayers should include praise and thanksgiving, not solely requests and supplications.

★ *Personalise*

We see Nehemiah confessing the sins on behalf of the sons of Israel. He is not blaming others but admits that it's him and his father's house who have sinned (1:6).

Before we pray for others, let us repent and confess our sins. A blind can't lead a blind.

★ *Know the word of God*

Nehemiah's familiarity with the Word of God allowed him to recognize their sins and disobedience (1:7). He knew that if they return back to Him, He will bring them back (1:9).

We should cultivate a deep relationship with the Word of God to understand His will and preferences.

★ *Short prayers*

Nehemiah prayed before making his request to the king (2:4). That prayer would've been very brief and to the point. Our sincere, short prayers are heard by our God, who values the intent of our hearts. Examples like Peter's cry for help while sinking, the thief on the cross, Jabez, and the prayer of the tax collector show the power of concise prayers.

Let us incorporate short prayers into our daily routines, such as before entering the office, before examining a patient, when we see an ambulance passing by etc.

★ *Pray in every situation*

We see Nehemiah praying when Saballat, Tobiah and others conspired against them (5:9).

We see him praying again when people tried to frighten them and discourage them from building the wall of Jerusalem (6:9).

In each and every situation of our lives, may we also seek Him for help.

*Take away:*

¶ Make time for prayer and studying God's Word despite a busy life.

¶ Include praise and gratitude in prayers, not just requests.

¶ Confess your own sins before praying for others.

¶ Short, heartfelt prayers are effective in any situation.

¶ Understand God's will through a deep relationship with His Word.

¶ Seek God's help in every life situation.

📖 *Verse for the day* 📖

*Philippians 4:6*

_Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God._



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